Nutrition trends in 2018

Do you ever wonder what are the nutrition trends right now? We have collected a few.

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Nutrition trends food waste Sylvia Klinger
“Food waste has gained a tremendous amount of attention in recent years as studies have highlighted the alarming amounts of food waste that could benefits hunger relief efforts, lower cost for manufacturers, retailers and foodservice operations and perhaps help provide balanced meals under budget for the population that needed the most – the poor.”
Sylvia Klinger DBA, MS, RD



Nutrition trends Weight loss pills Dr Raluca Motrescu
“Weight loss pills – scam or well-kept ancient secret?

Just imagine this: if weight loss pills were in fact working shouldn’t obesity be cured by now? Wouldn’t we see around us thousands of fit, slender people? And yet, we don’t see them and obesity rates are skyrocketing.

Here’s the ugly truth: there are NO weight loss magic pills! Weight loss is a complex issue that needs a thorough approach. Yes, it involves eating less (sugar) and moving more, but the decision on how much and what you eat and how much exercise you do should be taken together with your doctor.”
Dr. Raluca Motrescu MD



Nutrition trends Companies Sylvia Klinger
“RD’s are the nutrition experts, and companies must seek the advise of experts just like we seek the counsel of a doctor when we are not feeling well. Companies want to be part of the solution and the RD has the knowledge and expertise to guide companies to make smart decisions about the future of the food industry and to find ways to develop products suitable for a healthy lifestyle.”
Sylvia Klinger, DBA, MS, RD



Nutrition trends coach Lora Lapusanschi
“There is a common sens in all, including eating, and we all have an inner voice that could guide us in the right direction, but which we usually bring to silence.

I think most people know what to eat to be healthy and enjoy life but they don`t do it.

The big problem is not lack of information, but lack of motivation.

To help our clients succeed, we have to understand them as individuals and realize that our nutrition knowledge won`t help them if we don`t know how to coach them.

A great nutritionist is also a great coach.”
Lora Lapusanschi, Nutrition Coach – Dietetics Student



Nutrition trends obesity disease lifestyle choice

“Is obesity a disease or just a lifestyle choice and aesthetic issue?

I fully support the positive image movement, professionally and personally. No one should be judged or labeled based on how they look. However, as a physician, I have to say it straight: obesity is a disease. We don’t judge people suffering from it as well as we don’t judge people suffering from peptic ulcer or any other disease. The good news is that obesity is a treatable disease, even though there are no magic pills for it (yeah, there are not, no matter what you’ve heard or seen).

Treatable disease – that is- one has to go to the doctor and work together with him/her and, if needed, with the care team (where a physical therapist/trainer, a psychologist and a dietitian might be involved). And yes, the treatment always includes diet and exercise, but the type of diet and the amount of exercise should be prescribed by the specialists!”
Dr. Raluca Motrescu, MD



Nutrition trends food labels Simona Dumitrescu
“Food labels are underutilized by consumers. Part of the reasons for not reading the label is that the consumers do not possess the necessary knowledge to be able to understand them. Healthcare professionals have an important role in educating the population, starting at the individual level, by providing them with basic information that can help the consumers make healthier choices, and consequently, contribute to the prevention of nutrition-related diseases.”
Simona Dumitrescu, RD

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