Dietitian and nutrition practice management software

Manage your entire nutrition practice with one nutrition practice management software

  • client management
  • nutrition EMR (electronic medical records management)
  • appointment scheduling
  • communicate with your clients
  • track your clients’ progress
  • nutrition payments management
  • HIPAA compliant and secure video calling

Free plan available.

nutrition practice management software

Client management & nutrition EMR (electronic medical records)

Stop bouncing between multiple apps and keep all your clients’ data in one place.

Add private notes about a client.

Use Nutritio as your free nutrition EMR – configure forms using the structure you like and fill them in or send them to your clients to be filled in.

nutrition client management nutritionist EMR
nutrition appointment scheduling software

Appointment scheduling / self booking

Do you find it difficult to manage the appointments with your clients?

Do you need to jump from app to app to manage the appointments and your practice?

Now you can get back even more of your time by letting your clients to book the appointments in the predefined slots of time you make available for them.

Your clients will automatically get reminders 24 hours before the appointment from our nutrition practice management software.

Track your clients’ progress

Track your clients’ progress yourself or ask them to track their own progress in the client app.

It works with both imperial and metric systems and the conversion is done automatically.

You can track the weight, waist, torso, hip, physical activity level, mood and more.

Nutritio will calculate for you the basal metabolic rate, body mass index, ideal weight and caloric intake for the ideal weight (that you can use when you create meal plans).

Weight tracking software for nutritionists dietitians coaches trainers
nutrition practice payments stripe

Get paid easily by your clients

Receiving payments from your clients doesn’t have to be complicated.

With a Stripe integration, it’s easy and secure for both you and your clients.

To get started, first add your Stripe account credentials to the nutrition practice management software.

From there, you’ll be able to send payment links for each session.

Plus, rest easy knowing your cash flow and clients’ data are safe and secure. With Stripe, you can get paid easily and quickly.

FlowerEasy to use

It is so easy to use and time saving that you will love it from the first day.

LibraryStay organized

Even if you have 5 or 500 clients, you can keep their information organized and you can find everything with a simple search.

Shield CheckmarkSecure

Your interaction with the app happens on a secure connection. Hosted on a HIPAA compliant cloud.

The Nutritio app is a game changer for private practice! As a dietitian, I work with a variety of patient populations and needed an easy way to monitor food journals, access nutrient analysis, and automate forms and questionnaires.

Nutritio helps me keep my patient handouts, resources, and content organized.
The biggest plus is that my patients and clients have in-between accountability through Nutritio which keeps them engaged, motivated, and achieving better health outcomes.

If you’re looking to organize, automate, and optimize your practice and your client’s experience I highly recommend Nutritio!

Melissa Smith

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Melissa Smith

How to choose the best nutrition practice management software for dietitians, nutritionists, nutrition coaches and fitness trainers?

The best way to choose the best nutrition practice management software for dietitians, nutritionists, nutrition coaches and fitness trainers is to evaluate your needs and compare the features of the various programs available.

Consider which features are the most important for your business, such as client management, EMR, appointment scheduling, communication with clients, tracking progress, payment management, and HIPAA compliant and secure video calling.

Be sure to carefully evaluate each software’s ease of use, stay organized capabilities, and security features to identify the best fit for your practice. Additionally, take advantage of free trials to assess if the software meets your practice needs.

NutritioApp meets all these criterias and much more.

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