The simplest way for dietitians and nutritionists to handle far more clients in less time

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Nutrition software for dietitians, nutritionists and nutrition coaches

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Help more clients in less time

Create personalized nutritional plans faster than it takes to make a sandwich, allowing you to handle far more clients in less time.

Scale your clients number by 5-10x or even more by putting your nutrition coaching programs on autopilot with our simple to use automations.

Your clients win bigger

Your clients get faster results because you can keep them accountable for their goals without spending more time.

Stay connected with your clients and be there for them every step of the way to their goals so they will get faster results.

One app to run your business

Instead of using a million different apps to keep in touch with clients, use one nutrition software that handles everything. 

We’ve launched Nutritio Win

The simplest way for dietitians and nutritionists to WIN and HANDLE far more clients in less time

We can’t wait to help you WIN

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Nutrition professionals who love NutritioApp

RD Sylvia Klinger Nutritio

Well thought out design for easy navigation and tracking patients data.”

– Sylvia Klinger DBA, MS, RD, CPT

Loredana Lapusanschi Registered Dietitian

“NutritIO has radically simplified my nutritional coaching activity. I can access the patients database from anywhere in the world, I can do nutrition analysis and meal planning easily. I can interact with my patients very easily and in a modern way.”

– Loredana Lapusanschi – Registered Dietitian

Melissa Smith

“The Nutritio app is a game changer for private practice! As a dietitian, I work with a variety of patient populations and needed an easy way to monitor food journals, access nutrient analysis, and automate forms and questionnaires.
Nutritio helps me keep my patient handouts, resources, and content organized.
The biggest plus is that my patients and clients have in-between accountability through Nutritio which keeps them engaged, motivated, and achieving better health outcomes.
If you’re looking to organize, automate, and optimize your practice and your client’s experience I highly recommend Nutritio!”

– Melissa Smith, RDN 

Kirsten Reichner

“NutritIO is an excellent platform for dietitians and nutritionists to help keep their clients in the loop and on track. It’s a great app that is easy to use and has everything you need from content creation to scheduling to meal plans and client communication. I’ve especially liked the meal planning aspect as I’ve been able to design very specific meal plans to meet client needs, and the nutritional report that is generated with each meal plan is very helpful. I highly recommend NutritIO to all dietitians and nutritionists working with their own clients.”

– Kirsten Reichner RDN 

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Meal planning

Creating personalized meal plans for your clients has never been easier. You can create daily meal plans and adjust them in real time based on your clients’ needs.

You can also use our revolutionary meal plan generator in order to create a personalized meal plan in seconds.

Nutrition analysis diet analysis software

Nutrition analysis, diet analysis and recipe management

Add and analyze your tasty recipes and save the nutrition labels.

Leverage great results by analyzing the diets you create.

Invite your clients to keep food journals that you can analyze in details.

Check any meal plan or food journal with our Full reporting tool to see charts with macros, fats, carbs, energy, and protein distribution, micronutrient totals, and percentages compared to the recommended dietary allowance.

Personalized web and mobile app for your clients

Send your clients to the web app or invite them to install the mobile app that can be personalized with your logo.

Your clients will be able to:

  • chat with you
  • check your meal plans
  • read or watch content sent by you
  • fill in the questionnaires you will send them
  • track their progress
  • keep a food journal

Nutrition coaching

Create nice looking content pieces and questionnaires then share them with your clients.

Put your nutrition coaching on autopilot by creating automated coaching programs. Save a lot of time by scheduling the content, messages and questionnaires that will be sent to your clients. Reuse the automations for any client.

Complete nutrition practice management and EMR

Stop bouncing between multiple apps and keep all your clients’ data in one place.

  • client management
  • progress tracking
  • EMR (electronic medical records management)
  • appointment scheduling
  • chat with your clients
  • nutrition payments management
EMR client management nutrition

Shield CheckmarkSecure

Hosted on a HIPAA compliant cloud, GDPR compliant nutrition software

PizzaExtensive food database

Access an extensive database of more than 80,000 food items, each containing about 100 nutrients. We are constantly adding new foods to the list and you can even add your own.


Use the nutrition software in your native language. We have EnglishFrenchGerman and Romanian translations so far.

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