Consent for the processing of personal data

NATURALPIXEL S.R.Lis a Romanian legal entity based in Bucharest, street Pridvorului nr. 19, ground floor, Block 20, Sc. 1, Ap. 2., unique registration code 37372585 from 11.04.2017, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/S0S3/2017, (“Company” or “we“).

The following data regarding your health are collected, as appropriate, through the Nutritio Application (“Health Data“):

  • information on the conditions you suffer such as chronic diseases,
  • anthropometric data such as height, body mass index, weight, waist circumference,
  • your food preferences, job,
  • sports activities, constitution, ideal weight (kg/lbs), how many workouts per week, workout duration,
  • whether you are a smoker or not, to what extent you drink alcohol, special medical conditions such as pregnancy.

Health Data processed through the Nutritio Application are required in order to provide you with the following services but are not limited to from the Nutritio Application (“Services“):

  1. generating personalized nutritional plans for you (meal planning), making recommendations through the Nutritio Application Chat or through the Nutritio Application Forms;
  2. keeping track of personalized nutritional plans generated by your Nutrition professional;
  3. generating nutritional plans, facilitating communication between you and your Nutrition professional, and adjusting in real time the nutritional plans recommended by your Nutrition professional;
  4. keeping you motivated for the period you have agreed with your Nutrition professional for the diet you are following until you reach the goals set with your Nutrition professional.

You are not required to give your consent and you may at any time withdraw your consent regarding the use of personal data for the purposes specified above. If you do not check this statement of consent, please review the Privacy Policy that you can find here to learn how we use your personal information and your rights.