Working remotely in the time of pandemics

$99/year for 10 active patients/month

We know everyone is affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.
You might be stuck inside your house and can’t see your patients.
We would like to support you to continue your regular activity with your patients from the comfort or your house by helping you switch to remote work.

Using NutritIO you can:

  • communicate remotely with your patients or clients through chat
  • send questionaries to your patients and receive their answers
  • create personalised meal plans and change them in real time based on feedback received from your patients
  • analyse your patient’s diet recalls
  • we are willing to implement more features if you need more

We know most of the people are struggling financially so we created a super special pricing package for you.
Regular price would be $16/month, $192/year for up to 5 active patients.  That’s $384/year for 10 patients.

We have reduced the price to only

$99/year for 10 active patients/month

That’s a 75% discount!

First 100 customers only, only before April 5.

We will do our best to help you get started online, even if you need help outside of our platform by sharing tutorials, doing webinars and 1on1 free consulting meetings.

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*active patient = a patient you work with on a specific month. If you have more than 10 active patients/month please send us a message and we will create a custom offer for you.