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5 active clients/month

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Handle far more clients in less time

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GiftMarketing tools to win more clients

GiftWebsite template & structure with instructions

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If you don’t reduce the time spent with your clients so you can get more, we will work with you for free and adapt the app for you until you do

Your GROWTH partner

Everything you need for an outstanding nutrition practice

You will have a technical, marketing and growth partner that will do everything with you and for you

Dedicated marketing coach and success manager

Support for clinics – multiple practitioners

Your own mobile app for clients in App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android)

Client portal with your logo and branding, on your domain

We import, configure everything for you and assist you every day


GiftWin more clients through a marketing funnel created just for you

GiftHave a magnetizer website that attracts and converts clients

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If you don’t get clients after 1 month we will work with you 1on1 for free until you start getting clients

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We take only 3 new clients per month since the level of personalization is very high

Addons to grow your practice

Clients’ portal on your domain, with your colors


Your own mobile app in AppStore and Google Play store

Starting at $190/month

Suport for clinics / teams with multiple practitioners

Starting at $190/month

New / existing Website integrated with NutritioApp

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Onboarding – we import your recipes, plans, everything


Marketing plan created for your business


Help you have an OUTSTANDING offer


SEO and User Experience audit of your website



Create meal plans
Meal plan generator
Recipe analysis & food labels
80k+ foods database + add your own
HIPAA compliant secure video calling
Web portal and mobile app for your clients
Food journals
Add your own meal plan templates
Add your own meal templates
Create portion based meal plans
Create your own content
Create your own questionnaires
Nutrition coaching programs on autopilot
Track your clients’ progress
Manage appointments
Send payment links and receive payments
Chat with your clients
Marketing tools for your website (lead magnets)
Website template & structure with instructions
Create and host a magnetizer website done and optimized for you
Mobile app with your name and logo in the AppStore and Google Play
Web portal for your clients on your own domain with your logo
We import and setup everything for you
Dedicated marketing coach and support person
Marketing tools and strategy to win more clients
Support for clinics – multiple practitioners
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Free for Academic Purposes

Do you study nutrition or represent a nutrition school? Use Nutritio for free during studies if you don’t work with paying clients. Start using the NutritIO app for free

Nutrition professionals who love NutritioApp

RD Sylvia Klinger Nutritio

Well thought out design for easy navigation and tracking patients data.”

– Sylvia Klinger DBA, MS, RD, CPT

Loredana Lapusanschi Registered Dietitian

“NutritIO has radically simplified my nutritional coaching activity. I can access the patients database from anywhere in the world, I can do nutrition analysis and meal planning easily. I can interact with my patients very easily and in a modern way.”

– Loredana Lapusanschi – Registered Dietitian

Melissa Smith

“The Nutritio app is a game changer for private practice! As a dietitian, I work with a variety of patient populations and needed an easy way to monitor food journals, access nutrient analysis, and automate forms and questionnaires.
Nutritio helps me keep my patient handouts, resources, and content organized.
The biggest plus is that my patients and clients have in-between accountability through Nutritio which keeps them engaged, motivated, and achieving better health outcomes.
If you’re looking to organize, automate, and optimize your practice and your client’s experience I highly recommend Nutritio!”

Melissa Smith, RDN 

Kirsten Reichner

“NutritIO is an excellent platform for dietitians and nutritionists to help keep their clients in the loop and on track. It’s a great app that is easy to use and has everything you need from content creation to scheduling to meal plans and client communication. I’ve especially liked the meal planning aspect as I’ve been able to design very specific meal plans to meet client needs, and the nutritional report that is generated with each meal plan is very helpful. I highly recommend NutritIO to all dietitians and nutritionists working with their own clients.”

Kirsten Reichner RDN 

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